Cakes for All Occasions


There is something magical about baking a cake. It’s like building a house which can be a part of people’s lives. This is not a bad analogy since cakes have always been a type of pastry that is always present on almost every occasion. Whether it is a birthday, wedding or an anniversary, cakes signify an event that should be celebrated. It is a common practice to blow a candle on a cake during a birthday to make the celebrant’s wish come true. As such, a cake can be one important highlight of a celebration.


Like custom garage doors Tempe, cakes can come in a variety of shapes and colors. It comes in several sizes and layers too. Sometimes, a cake can be made even taller than an average teenager. Depending on the occasion, these are specifically made with beautiful aesthetics that would wow the crowd. Cakes can be store-bought. But there are times when cakes are chosen to be custom-made to fit any occasion. The modern technology we have at present even allow cakes to have digital images that cannot just be achieved by manual designing. It was always fun to look back on how cake designing has evolved over time.


Sylvia Weinstock brings about a whole new dimension in cake-making. If you thought you’ve seen various beautiful cake pieces already, you have to think again. This cake shop found in Tempe, Arizona will change the way you see cakes from now on. Not only does the pastry chef here offer cakes of various designs, the taste of these are also to die for.


There are times when cakes are all about the looks. As long as they achieved the designs and beauty they want, they are already good to go. The flavor is often overlooked. Only the eyes become full, but the stomach remains craving for more.


Here at Sylvia Weinstock, you won’t have such problems. We are trained by the best so we assure you that we can give only nothing but the best. Take note, we are not only saving this ‘best’ for the looks. As beautiful as it may be for you, it goes all throughout our whole creation. So you can be sure that the taste is not compromised. We make everything we put there edible so that, you won’t be left wanting for more. Now, you can make any of your upcoming events better than ever, with the talented cake makers here at our store.


At Sylvia Weinstock, we make use of the best baking instruments available in the market. From the measuring devices we use up to the pans and molders, we simply have top-of-the-line materials from popular manufacturing brands. This, together with the techniques we learned from baking school in Europe made us a team to beat when it comes to cake producers in the State. Whatever designs you want us to do, we can do it.


Let’s talk about your plans for the cake design you want us to make. Call our hotlines today so that our representative can assist you. We are looking forward to serving your cake needs.

Sylvia Weinstock brings about a whole new dimension in cake-making