It was on the last minute when the pastry chef I hired for my wedding backed out. Her mom got rushed to the hospital because she suffered from a heart attack, she was our friend so we were also devastated for her. But we have the wedding coming up in days so we also have to look urgently for a replacement pastry chef or even just a good cake maker. Good thing we found both with Sylvia Weinstock. A friend recommended this cake shop downtown. At first, we were hesitant. We are looking for something great and we haven’t tasted the cakes made by this store yet. But still, we grabbed the chance. We immediately researched the store and saw various reviews attesting to the brilliance of pastry chefs who work at this store. We even went through their portfolio and was amazed of the various creations they’ve had in the past years. We called the store and booked an appointment. We were impressed at the customer service they gave us. While at the store, they handed over several small pieces of cakes for us to taste. It was so flavorful especially the meringue thing. We instantly loved it and even chose it for our cake. We let them know our motif and instantly explained to them what we want. The pastry chef sketched it while we watched and we are very satisfied of the outcome. They even explained the colors they will used and the materials. We’ve got very excited but at the same time, we also have our reservations. We still didn’t expect much.


Come what the actual event, we were very surprised. The cake was very beautiful that it had its very own moment when it was rolled out from the back. The visitors oohed and ahhed and were very excited to taste it. One thing is sure, this cake shop never disappoints.


Sybil, 28