Sylvia Weinstock gives you the best and most beautiful cake creations in the market. If you haven’t tasted our cakes yet, then make sure to come immediately to our store in Tempe. We’ll give you a free taste so that you know what kind of products you are getting from us.


Our cake store has been established in 1999. Since then, it has already gained much popularity not only in the city but also in its surrounding areas. From starting small, we had been forced to expand just 2 years after due to the insistent public demand. The size of our store wasn’t able to accommodate the inflow of order that comes every day. There are times when our customers even need to book an order to us months prior just so we can get their cake orders done. There are also instances when we cannot anymore accept orders because we have already reached the maximum quantity we can make each day without compromising the quality. As such, we are leaving more and more customers dissatisfied because we are understaffed.


It was in 2001 when we started expanding, and in 2002 when we started putting up another branch. Since then, we are able to make more customers happy with our craft. To say that it was a success was an understatement. It was more than that. We are instantly catapulted as the leading cake makers in the State.


That did not stop our endeavors. We have started aiming for more by teaching interested individuals in the cake making business. We want to share with them the knowledge so that they can have the opportunity to put up a business to improve their livelihood as well. We do this because we do not simply want to earn, we also want to be instruments that could help the community grow stronger economically.


Visit our site regularly so you can be updated with the products and services we offer.